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Combatting fungi in space

You cannot escape it, right alongside the astronauts, on the international space station there is another invisible life form. No, we’re not talking about aliens here, we’re talking about microorganisms from earth, which as they struggle to survive can make life very difficult for the people. A Russian invention is helping keep the air on the international space station from the biological contamination.


Epidemiology and prevention of septic infectious complications by patients of surgical intensive care units

Prevention of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) is not always adequately addressed by administrations of health care facilities (HCFs) due to lack of estimates of the actual HAI incidence in patients, as well as to the fact that preventive care is not considered a priority by HCFs. Currently, hospital-acquired infections constitute a major public health problem.


Application of the air decontamination device
"POTOK 150 M-01" in complex medical rehabilitation of patients with ischemic heart disease after bypass surgery

Against the background of the undisputed success of surgical treatment of ischemic heart disease (IHD), there is evident need to improve rehabilitation methods for this category of patients.


Effektivitaetsbeurteilung von luftentkeimung beim kombinierten einsatz von der anlage
"POTOK 150-М-01" und dem НЕРА-FILTER im gnotobilogischem isolator

Eine Sterilluftzufuhr in die Isolatoren zu gewährleisten, ist einer der wichtigsten Bestandteile des gnotobiologischen Verfahrens für keimfreie und andere mikrobiologisch kontrollierte Kategorien von Labortieren, medizinisch-biologische Forschungen und klinische Praxis.


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