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What Does “POTOK” Mean for Your Hotel?

  • Promotes your Hotel to the forefront of the Best Environmental Practices for the Industry;
  • Provides effective air decontamination and create pathogen-free rooms;
  • Reduces energy costs by increasing the efficiency of ventilation systems;
  • Extends the life of your capital goods;
  • Improves guest satisfaction and create a healthier bottom line;
  • Gets tangible ROI by increasing your revenues and market share.

POTOK Solutions to Challenges in Hospitality Industry:

  • Reduces microbiological impurity of surface area in rooms and premises and improving indoor environments air quality;
  • Efficiently destroys mold in hot and humid environments and eliminates Legionella bacteria in air conditioning ducts;
  • Increases the quality and life span of hotel rooms and public areas, therefore helps owners earn more money;
  • Prevents filters, air ducts, and other elements of hotel ventilation systems from accumulation of live microorganisms;
  • Only one-time additional 1-3% of total construction per room cost over a 10 year cycle of the product;
  • Multiplying efficiency of traditional regular disinfection hygienic hotel service.

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