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Application of "POTOK" Bioinactivation® Technology in food industry allows to:

  • Prevent the spreading of microorganisms;
  • Reduce the amount of spoilage;
  • Increase the shelf life of products;
  • Avoid acute intestnial poisoning outbreaks;
  • Reduce maintenance costs of air sterilization systems;
  • Provide biological purity of the air in the production etc.

Areas of “POTOK” Bioinactivation® Technology’s application in food industry:

Meat processing:

  • Slaughterhouse;
  • Boning, meat grinding, packaging, drying sausages;
  • Half-finished meat.

Dairy processing:

  • Bottling and fermenting areas;
  • Bottling and packaging;
  • Production and storage of cheese.

Fish processing:

  • Cutting, sorting and packaging.


  • Pure yeast cultures;
  • Lager cellar;
  • Bottlery.

Bread and pastry production;

Poultry processing:

  • Poultry slaughterhouse;
  • Incubator;
  • Packaging.

Vegetable storages.

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