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Potok technology was acknowledged in Philippines

1-2 July, 2017 in Pasay (Philippines) The Operating Room Nurses Association of the Philippines (ORNAP) held its 43rd Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting with the theme “360° Safety in Perioperative Nursing Practice”.

It is a must-attend medical event, where perioperative participants from different cities meet together to have exchange of ideas, education and professional development. The official dealer of Potok Inter, Instatech Inc., was invited to take part in this prestigious and instructive gathering and share achievement of Potok technology on the theme of air decontamination.

Problems in healthcare caused by airborne contamination are not new and always of current interest of healthcare professionals. There is huge risk of transmission of hospital-acquired infections to personnel, patients, post-operative infectious complications, spread of viruses and infections. Let alone the constant appearance of new, more dangerous types of microorganisms, leading to the emergence of new infectious diseases. No wonder, medical facilities all over the world are looking for most effective and safety solution to increase biosafety level and effectiveness of medical treatment.

Our partners presented with great éclat such solution to participants - Potok air decontamination devices based on technology that inactivates all airborne microorganisms (microbes, mold, fungi spores etc.) and viruses with at least 99,995% within 1 second.

1. “Potok technology is a great help not only for the patients but also for nurses because spread of airborne microorganisms will be prevented”.

2. “Inventories will be no longer a problem because Potok doesn’t use any consumables”.

3. “This product will be an advantage to newly built hospitals because Potok can be placed without reconstruction”.

4. “5-year warranty, 10-year service life…amazing!”.

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